6 Alternative Ecommerce Marketplaces to Amazon and eBay.

Amazon and eBay are the two names that spring to mind when talking about ecommerce marketplaces.
They have a massive volume of both sellers and buyers, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to enter the world of ecommerce.
But you’d be selling yourself short if you limit your selling platforms to these two.

Expanding your horizons by using alternative ecommerce marketplaces to Amazon and eBay can be just what you need to get the ball rolling and gain an edge over the competition.

1) Google Shopping

If you’ve been keeping up with ecommerce news, then you know that Google Shopping has been making waves as of late. As a part of the Google Search Network, it’s easy to assume that this online marketplace is enormous. It boasts more than 100 million monthly consumers in the US alone. Interestingly, its conversion window is shorter by nearly a full week compared to Amazon’s, which could mean more sales and quicker ROI.

2) Walmart Marketplace

Do you have any idea how big Walmart is? For starters, it’s the largest employer in the entire country. And while people think of their massive stores when hearing Walmart, you should know that they’re gaining ground in the ecommerce scene as well. It’s relatively young compared to Amazon and eBay, but it now ranks top 3 in the largest online retailers in the US. They use their physical stores as warehouses, allowing them to offer fast shipping options. And the best thing for sellers is that you only need to worry about the referral fee.

3) Bonanza

Bonanza’s organic traffic of 300,000 may pale in comparison to Amazon’s and eBay’s humongous traffic, but it’s the most recommended online marketplace by thousands of independent sellers. Whereas most marketplaces are geared toward helping consumers find the products they want at the cheapest price, Bonanza focuses on helping sellers build healthy and long-lasting relationships with loyal customers. Their customer marketing tool enables you to gather and filter data about your past buyers, which could be used for remarketing campaigns.

4) Etsy

Etsy has a feel-good story behind it, starting out as a small online community for people with a passion for arts and crafts. Today, it has an impressive user base of 1.6 million sellers and 26 million buyers. Survey also shows that Etsy ranks third in terms of profitability according to online sellers, trailing only Amazon and eBay. Handmade goods and craft supplies dominate this marketplace. It’s more of a niche-specific marketplace, which might not suit your business. But if you’re into crafty items, Etsy should be your go-to selling platform.

5) Rakuten

As an online seller, you wouldn’t want to ignore anything called “The Amazon of Japan.” Rakuten has become more and more interesting to US sellers even though it’s targeted to the Japanese market. The reason is simple: 90% of all online users in Japan are registered on the platform. You can’t afford to miss the opportunity of tapping into a massive pool of prospective customers. Big brands are starting to make their presence felt on Rakuten including Lenovo, Dell, and Office Depot.

6) Newegg

Here’s another ecommerce marketplace that caters to a specific niche. Newegg has skyrocketed in popularity, and it’s now considered the premier online destination for all things electronics. With a customer base of 36 million, you can generate exposure to your products by leveraging this online platform. Tech products are the only things Newegg accepts, so be sure your products fall in this category. And if you’re in the tech niche, you’d definitely rank Newegg on top of your list because driving laser-targeted customers is pretty much a guarantee.

Amazon and eBay continue their reign as the most used ecommerce marketplaces. But the alternatives mentioned here can give them a run for their money. Each platform comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s all a matter of checking them all out to see which ones are worth keeping.

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