Shopify Stocky App Review

Inventory management plays an important part in growing your online or brick and mortar retail business. It’s important that you stay in control of your growing business at all times. Manual handling of all inventory management aspects of a business isn’t the most effective way of doing things. That’s where an inventory management app comes in handy.

Even though Shopify will do most of the work for your online retail store, you will have to upgrade the online store with relevant apps to keep it running smoothly. When it comes to Shopify inventory management, there are over 200 apps for you to choose from. Hence, you should get your hands on the right one to take your retail store to the next level. Stocky is one of the best inventory management apps designed for Shopify. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Stocky app for Shopify.

What Is Shopify Stocky App?

Stocky is a great inventory management solution for online or brick and mortar retailers. You can track the inventory levels of your business by using this software. It will help track your inventory levels, forecast the inventory that you need, and suggest the products you need to order. You can easily adjust the inventory levels of your business using this tool. You can create purchase orders for suppliers and vendors in just a few clicks with Stocky. The app will sync your orders with Shopify once you get new stocks and automatically update your Shopify stock levels. Even though Stocky is great at Shopify inventory management, it’s not the only benefit of purchasing this app.

Features And Benefits

Stocky acts like your business partner or consultant to help grow your retail business. It helps track your orders, purchases, and stock levels and lets you decide which supplier needs the most urgent attention. The app will make order suggestions based on seasonal sales data or recent performances. You can rely on Stocky to optimize your inventory decisions and spend less time worrying about what products you need to purchase. The software will let you know about estimate depletion dates and dead stock so that you know which products should go on sale. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the app:

Demand Forecasting – The app provides recommendations on your products based on the rate of sales of your retail store. It lets you know which products are the most profitable and when you should re-order these products.

Stocktaking And Adjustments – Your staff can easily take regular stocks by scanning the stock or manually counting.

Stock Transfers – The app lets you replenish the stock quickly to meet customer demand. You can transfer products from one location to another from your Shopify Admin.

Purchase Orders – You get to create and manage all purchase orders from one place when you invest in this app. It lets you communicate more effectively with the suppliers and vendors to get a clear view of what products are coming in and when.

Receiving – When the stocks come in, you can use a barcode scanner to accurately receive and place inventory.

Analytics – The in-depth reporting feature of the app lets you make sound inventory decisions. You have access to many analytic features such as stocks on hand, best seller reports, low stocks, SKU/variant reports, ABC analysis, and much more.

Reduce Inventory Loss – When you can track what is received and what is leaving your store, you can easily reduce inventory losses.

Save Time – You don’t have to manage multiple systems or use spreadsheets when you invest in this tool. It saves time and reduces errors in the process.

Increase Your Profitability – Improve your sales and have better visibility into the performance of your products. This helps increase the profitability of your retail business.

All in all, Stocky is one of the best apps out there at Shopify inventory management. Buy the app today and take your retail business to the next level.

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