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From one of our customers in the UK …

The only drawback that I have with my online Amazon business is the accounting portion. I am not an accountant and do not really enjoy doing it at all. Really, who enjoys dealing with things such as filings, tax certificates, or VAT. However, since yesterday I do not have to worry about anything accounting because now I have the perfect Amazon accountants. It is true, I think it is great that Amazon FBA accounting has been made available for online sellers. It is such an awesome way to begin your own online business and then watch it grow quickly.

Accounting Nightmare

If I were to ask most people who have a business whether they enjoy doing their own accounting, the majority would definitely say no. Most I have asked told me that accounting only robs a business owner of the precious time that could be spent doing other more important things such as growing your business. Besides, if you make an accounting mistake or error, it could result in very expensive penalties and fines.

Another interesting thing that business owners tell me is that the cost of hiring an accountant is too costly. Business entrepreneurs who are just starting out typically do not have the extra funds required to hire an expensive accounting firm. Besides, who do you hire? There are hundreds of accounting firms to choose from. Trying to select the right accounting firm would be similar to a city dude going into a jungle without a map.

Amazon FPA Tax Accountants

Originally, I planned to do all of my own accounting work to save money. However, after a few days of frustration and near madness, I decided to have my accounting done by a professional. I was really sad when I came to this realization because as a new seller on Amazon, I wanted to do it all on my own. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about Amazon FBA tax accountants and how they can save you not only a lot of money, but a tremendous amount of time.

After talking to a few people about if there were any advantages of using a qualified accounting firm, as opposed to doing it yourself, I discovered a few interesting points. They mentioned that even if you believe that retaining the services of a professional accountant will save you time, think again. You still will be required to provide your newly hired accountant with answers to a myriad of questions. After all, they know nothing about your type of business.

An Amazon accountant, on the other hand, knows exactly everything about your business because you are an online seller for Amazon. The Amazon FPA tax accountant knows all of the regulations and rules, both inside and out. He/she will do everything that any accounting firm will do such as assisting you with reports, filings, taxes, migrations, optimizing your business, analyzing your statistics, and of course, keeping your books.


Tax authorities in the UK are constantly looking into the financial affairs of online sellers such as those found at eBay or Amazon. This is one of the primary reasons why it is important to make sure that all of your finances are under control and up-to-date. You will want to keep all of your records current and meet any of the tax departments deadlines. If I do not follow the tax authorities rules and regulations or, by chance, if I lose my way then I, or my company, could face heavy fines or penalties.

In conclusion, Infinity22 Amazon accountants truly appreciate all of their customers. Even though they provide accounting services for anyone, they are especially suited for all of their online Amazon sellers. Therefore, as I did, set up a free consultation with these VAT experts, Amazon accountants.