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If you’re jumping on the latest crypto craze you may be wondering how and when your profits are taxed. If you’re really new, you may not have even realised you need to report your earnings! Whether you’re a long time hodler or just jumping on for quick profit, you need to know how to manage your crypto tax. In fact, just by managing their digital money correctly many pay significantly less tax, or even none at all! Our crypto and bitcoin accountant can show you what you need to do to see your gains in your bank account and not just online. We can also provide advice on how to best manage your portfolio and see the biggest returns.

Why Hire a Bitcoin Accountant?

Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency and the one we get asked to do taxes for a lot of the time. It’s the big boss when it comes to market cycles and profits, directing the whole market when it makes large movements. Most of the people taking profits on Bitcoin haven’t been holding it for long. They’ve bought in last 3-6 months to make profit in the short term to make some quick profits.But most people don’t think about taxes!If you’re looking to make short term profits, you need to be thinking about how you’re going to manage taxes. Do your taxes wrong and you could see most of your profits heading down the drain! If you have your numbers, accounting for Bitcoin can be fairly straightforward. But if you’re swapping between different currencies, exchanges, digital wallets and more, you need someone who can track the money and make sure you’re not paying any more tax than you have to. That’s where we come in.

Leaders in Cryptocurrency Accounting

New technology calls for new knowledge and a good understanding of how the world is changing. Infinity22 was started by a team of experienced accountants and fresh faces, combining the best of technological knowledge with accounting success. We were formed in the digital age and understand the way accounting has changed over the years. With Bitcoin and cryptocurrency money is moving faster than ever. You need someone who can keep up with the changes and help you move the money you’ve earned into your bank account and keep it there. When you choose infinity22 we’ll work with you to make sense of crypto taxes and give you clarity on what decisions to make. We understand what it takes to manage money online and can help you make the most of your cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investments.

Accounting for Bitcoin and Altcoins

With many cryptocurrencies moving from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake models and “the Flippening” looking like a real possibility, a lot of people are choosing to invest in “altcoins” like Etherium, Chainlink and Cardano instead of Bitcoin. Some of these cryptocurrencies bring in additional factors for tax such as currency earned through “staking” and similar systems. If you’re going to be investing in cryptocurrency long term, having a plan to manage taxes before investing can help immensely in the long term. Our team have spent years learning how cryptocurrency is taxed both in Australia and overseas. We can help you get set up with a solid investment plan from the start and make the most of your money

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The best time to invest in crypto was 8 years ago. The second best time is now. With more and more people jumping into cryptocurrency every day, including major investment firms and corporations, and ETF’s potentially just around the corner this is just the start for Bitcoin. Whether you’re a retail investor, a trader, a minor, a business owner or even just looking to learn, infinity22 can help. Book a consultation today with an expert.
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