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Cloud accounting software gives you control over your accounts and bookkeeping. Automate your accounting and bookkeeping processes, make changes anytime, anywhere, view numbers as they change in real-time and much, much more. If you need help getting set up with cloud accounting software, or need someone to manage your accounts over the cloud, infinity22 is for you. We can support your business as it grows, making scaling easy and future-proofing your accounts. Discuss your needs with our cloud accountants today.

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What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting is the latest in cloud technology applied to traditional accounting and bookkeeping services. It allows you to manage business accounts anywhere with an internet connection, as well as many other things. Traditionally, accounting is done on a computer or with paper and is limited by your access to them. With cloud accounting, all your data is encrypted and stored on a server online, allowing you to access it at any time from your laptop, a computer at home, or even your phone. If you run a constantly changing and growing business, cloud accounting software can scale and adapt as you grow. It’s the perfect solution for fast-paced online business.

What Can Cloud Accountants Do for Me?

If you’re looking for automation and scalability without having to invest much time or money into it, cloud accounting may be the solution for you! As cloud accountants, infinity22 can take care of all aspects of your accounts from payroll to bookkeeping. We can get your business set up with cloud accounting, transferring your data from your current accounting system, or starting fresh with a clean, organised system.

No matter what stage of growth your online business is at, our eCommerce accountants can help you get set up with a solution that will support you now and into the foreseeable future. Discuss your needs with our team today for a custom online cloud accounting solution.

Accounting Software We Work With

infinity22 can help you choose the right cloud accounting software for your business and get you set up correctly. We work with all modern software, from Xero to Intuit QuickBooks and more.
If you’re currently using older software, such as Sage 50cloud or Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can transfer data from them and get things cleaned up so you’re in the best position to scale.
We’ll help implement the best software to ensure a healthy, structured eCommerce business.

Is Cloud Accounting Safe?

All cloud accounting is encrypted and stored in a secure, centralised location set up by your cloud accounting provider. This ensures that your data is safe from both physical and digital threats alike, as there is no way into the system (and your data) without direct, physical access.Most accounting software also requires two-factor authentication enabled. This means no one can get into your account without having ID verification on their device as well as the correct password!When compared with traditional accounting software, cloud accounting is far safer. While someone could hack your computers directly at your business location, steal the computer with the data, or gain access through human error, cloud accounting is nearly impervious to these kinds of attacks. Each cloud accounting software will have an article detailing its security processes, encryption and policies. It’s important to make sure your software is safe and up to date.

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