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Cryptocurrency Superannuation

The recent surge in the price of Bitcoin and the speculative chatter about what it all means has seen a lot more SMSF investors taking cryptocurrency more seriously. We’re often asked how something as stringently regulated as an SMSF could invest in something as decentralised and untraditional as cryptocurrency. Infinity 22 is one of Australia’s leading providers of self-managed superannuation services, so we know the answer to this question better than anyone because we deal with these types of investments every day – giving our clients piece-of-mind while they sleep knowing their retirement savings are diversified by incorporating innovative new technologies like crypto.

We at infinity 22 have been helping Australians set up their own SMSF for decades, so we know what it takes to go on this kind of journey with someone who trusts us as advocates and financial advisors.

You probably heard by now—there’s a crypto revolution going on and it’s time to make sure you’re part of the digital future. Choosing your Retirement fund is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, which is why we want to help take some of that stress away by giving you tools and access all in one place.

Other Services Offered

Budgeting & Forecasting

Have you ever heard the saying “those that don’t plan, plan to fail”. Well not budgeting or having a forecast doesn’t give you an idea into what nasty surprises lie ahead. Luckily enough we are here to help you with any forward focused accounting so that you can feel rest assured that your business isn’t flying blind.

We aim to be your adviser in selecting a reasonable budget in which you can correctly benchmark your business as well as provide a rolling forecast into future business operations.

Cash Flow Management

A lot of business owners mistake profit for cash flow or their version of cash flow management is “Well if we have cash in the bank, then its all good”. We are here to help your business better understand the relationship between profit and loss, movements on the balance sheet which ultimately lead to improved cash flow. For as the saying goes”Cash is King”.

Payroll Services

Human capital is what drives business, without our workers and employees we struggle to create the vision that we want. Our payroll services are ideal for business owners that want to focus more on growing their business rather than administering it.

Financial & Management Reporting

Want to know more about what drives profitability within your business? What financial and non-financial metrics should you be looking out for? At Infinity22 we are your financial and management reporting experts. Our weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports help you to see where your business is tracking. Each report is tailored to your specific business model so that you are getting the best information possible.

Data Catch-up Services

Is your financial data up to date? At Infinity22 we can help you take the stress out of getting up to date accounts if you are behind and at a discounted price. Our online bookkeeping services and data catch up gives you back control of your financials.

Audit Services

We partner with a network of auditors to help with any compliance requirements you may need taking care of. Contact us and we will be able to put you in the right direction. Our online accounting services can also give you a clearer view of what the future might hold.

Tax Services

In terms of tax services, Infinity22 is here to advise on strategic implications of where you structure, operate and pay taxes. Alternatively, we have a network of Tax advisers which are here to help you get the best result in terms of tax strategy including digital nomad tax wherever you are.

Strategic Planning and Advisory

Strategy sessions are important way that a business owner can find out areas in which they are lacking in, whats doing well and what our plan is going forward. These sessions help your business stay on track to meeting its desired path to growth.

Software Implementation

At Infinity22 we are not just accounting experts but also cloud software advisers. We help our clients work out the best cloud software strategies in term of stages of growth as well as help implement the best software to ensure a healthy, structured eCommerce business.

With our guidance, you’ll be able to leverage the power of self-managed superfunds.

The world is fast embracing cryptocurrencies and recent price rises in bitcoin and other alt coins has increased the interest in these digital assets. Infinity 22 provides a comprehensive SMSF service for both self-managed and fully knowledgeably managed funds with cryptocurrency related income, where we’ll work together to complete your fund’s audit and ensure you comply with tax regulations.