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DEAR Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management app for ecommerce. DEAR’s features help retailers manage their product assortment and performance using accurate data about what customers want.

Infinity 22 is a proud partner of DEAR Inventory and experts at providing solutions to help you manage inventory effectively. Spreadsheet no more. Change the way you do business with DEAR and never give Excel another thought. With a single sign-on experience, you will have access to all your data instantly across multiple devices so that you can improve decision making without interrupting workflow.

DEAR is the most powerful, flexible and scalable inventory management system in the world. With DEAR Inventory your products are all here, ready when they need to be, down-to-the-item levels of cost control and supply chain visibility so you can optimize every. Know what’s on hand? What suppliers need more? Which product was just sold out? It’s been four years since we released our last major update – buckle up!

DEAR’s simplicity makes it easy to enter stock at any time, anywhere (even remotely) with ease while still giving your team the visual and reporting power you need to effortlessly understand every aspect of inventory flow from sales forecasts down to how many items are in individual bins. The intuitive user experience lets managers create price rules, measure profitability, send personalized reports, all with just a few clicks so that they can spend more time building their business.

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Benefits of DEAR Bookkeeping with Infinity 22

DEAR Inventory is a powerful and flexible inventory management system that gives retailers, manufacturers and warehouse operators control over their raw materials and products. They’ve grown a reputation over the last three years based on a principle of constant improvement. Each new version adds useful features that improve both functionality and performance through efficiency measurement tools to show what you need now or in future so that time-honored favourites are never missed off your shopping list. DEAR Inventory integrates with key software platforms such as Xero (XRP) data breaches will not affect shoppers who have their goods securely tracked by DEAR Inventory because any contact between inventory modules has been prevented – something we take pride in as many other systems cannot say the same.

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