Do Crypto Bots Actually Work for Trading?

Do Crypto Bots Actually Work for Trading?

Do crypto bots work for trading?

Crypto trading bots are software programs that trade cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, for you.

They can be used on various exchanges and need access to your wallet and the exchange you want it to trade on to make trades on your behalf. Crypto trading bots analyse market performance and the potential risk of a trade to make decisions.

This information has been used to buy or sell decisions so that the bot can maximise profits.

Crypto trading bots are computer programs that automatically buy and sell digital currency at pre-determined prices.

These bots have the same essential components: market data analysis, market risk prediction, and buying/selling assets.

By analysing past market data and trends, these bots can make more informed decisions on when to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

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What Are Crypto Trading Bots? Are These Any Good?

Crypto trading bots are automated tools that help you execute trades without human intervention. They can save you time and money compared to hiring human experts in the crypto world. Crypto trading bots are more cost-effective, which means they can help you make more money with less investment.

What Is the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Bot?

The best cryptocurrency trading bot is one that can do everything. It should be able to trade cryptocurrencies and other assets, create automatic buy and sell orders, have a built-in exchange, and have numerous settings.


Pionex is a company that offers a range of trading bots for users to choose from.

Pionex has a grid trading bot, infinity grids bot, leveraged grid bot, margin grid bot, and others to decide.

There is no trial or monthly fee; instead, it charges 0.05% in trading fees. Real users have praised Pionex on Trustpilot for its withdrawal issues and its support team.

Pionex is a digital asset exchange that allows users to trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Uniswap (UNI), and Tether (DT), among other digital assets. The exchange derives its liquidity from Binance and Huobi, the two largest crypto exchanges by volume. Bitcoin has a higher market cap than Pionex, but Pionex is safe as it has been granted the MAS and MBS licenses from Singapore’s financial regulator.


Cryptohopper is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading bot that allows users to subscribe to professional traders worldwide to learn and automate their trading strategies. The Cryptohopper dashboard is intuitive and easy to use, making it perfect for new traders. Additionally, signals are sent directly to users’ bots that buy and sell when they receive them, allowing traders to make profits without constantly monitoring the markets.

Cryptohopper is a website that offers news and information related to cryptocurrency and guides and tutorials on investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptohopper also provides market data on various cryptocurrencies, which can be useful for investors looking to make informed decisions about where to put their money.


Coinrule is a new trading bot platform that supports different exchanges, including Binance, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, and Kraken. It has a starter account that is free to use.

Axion Crypto

Axion Crypto bot offers a ton of features to users. Axion crypto provides a customisable user interface and more than 100 technical indicators.

It makes it easy for even newbies to get started in crypto trading.

Axion also supports integrations into various other exchanges, making trading on your favourite platform easy.


Trality is a company that provides creator tools and an API for building trading bots. They have received 4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and 74% excellent ratings from customers in the past.Trality supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including some of the most popular ones on supported exchanges.


Bitsgap is a relatively new player in the cryptocurrency trading world, founded in 2017. However, they have made a big splash, offering a user-friendly experience and an algorithm designed to make the most profit possible from price swings. There headquarter is in Tallinn, Estonia.

Can You Automate Crypto Trading?

Crypto trading bots are computer programs that trade cryptocurrencies for you. They can often save you time and energy by automating the analysis and interpretation of market statistics. Crypto trading bots can easily automate the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency assets, making it an excellent option for investing in the crypto market.

Different Types of Bots


Arbitration is buying and selling an asset on different exchanges to take advantage of the price differential. This can be done manually or through automated software. It’s a common strategy used by traders to make profits in the market.

Market making

Market-making bots allow investors to use the market-making strategy, which is when an investor simultaneously buys and sells security or a commodity with the intent to profit from the difference in prices. It is done by buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price, or vice versa.

Are Crypto Trading Bots Worth It?

Crypto trading bots are programs that trade cryptocurrencies for you on autopilot.

They work even while you sleep and are not motivated by greed or fear, improving their accuracy.

Most estimates reveal that trading bots undertake 70-80% of the overall crypto trading volume.

The cost of a bot will vary depending on the bot you choose. The more advanced bots will cost more, but they’re also going to offer more features.

Though bots are not perfect, they can be helpful for some investors in the cryptocurrency market. These bots trade automatically and therefore need to be monitored carefully. If used correctly, they can help investors make more informed decisions and maximise their profits.

Advantages of Crypto Trading Bots

No Human Errors: Crypto trading bots are software programs that trade cryptocurrencies for you. They do all the work for you and make trades without human error. It can be a massive advantage in the crypto market, where prices can rush, and emotions often lead to poor decisions.

No Emotions: Since trading bots are emotionless, they can make rational decisions about buying or selling orders. It is beneficial because human emotions can frequently lead to irrational decision-making in the trading world. Trading bots eliminate this issue and provide consistency in one’s trading portfolio.

Sophisticated algorithms power trading bots to make rational and informed decisions based on market data. As a result, they can help traders maximise their profits while minimising their losses.

Bots work 24/7: Another advantage of using bots is that they can work 24/7. They will keep monitoring the markets and place trades when necessary. This means that you do not have to worry about your trades even when you are asleep or busy with something else.

Bots can analyse a lot of data quickly: It is evident that trading bots are more potent than humans when analysing data and making informed decisions. They can handle a lot of data at once, which gives them an edge in reaching insights quickly. Additionally, this bot reacts automatically when a price changes, making it a more reliable tool for traders.

Disadvantages of Crypto Trading Bots

Market prediction is impossible: One of the main disadvantages of using crypto trading bots is that it is difficult to predict market conditions. The markets are constantly changing and evolving, making it difficult to program a bot that can accurately make trades based on current conditions. Additionally, many bots rely on historical data, which may not be accurate in predicting future trends.

The way the bots are programmed: A common disadvantage of crypto trading bots is that programming errors can severely hinder their efficiency. For example, if a bot is programmed to sell when the price drops below a certain point, but the price never reaches that point because it keeps rising again, the bot will end up selling at a loss.

May not work for New investors: Crypto trading bots might not be correct if you have a low investing budget. Some crypto bots have high charges that are not suitable for new investors.

Failed to deliver: Many crypto bots have promised high returns in past years but could not deliver at all.


A crypto trading bot is a software or a service incorporated into your crypto strategy which performs high-performance trading actions on your behalf. They are software programs that track your cryptocurrency portfolio. They attempt to automate your investment technique and strategies that make you money.

But no matter the crypto bot you use, you should have some control over it. A machine can not be a human, at least not yet.

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