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Infinity22 specialises in helping the new generation of businesses manage money online. We work with sole traders, small businesses, freelancers, all the way up to SMEs and multinational corporations. If you need help managing finances, taxes and processes for your online business, infinity22 can help. Our passionate, future-focused accountants have extensive experience with online accounting. We understand the ins and outs of how people pay and get paid online, as well as the systems everything runs on. If accounting for your eCommerce business leaves you feeling overwhelmed, or you’re simply looking for an experienced team to handle your accounting, call us today! We can provide you with online accounting advice as well as all the support you need to succeed online.

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Who Is infinity22?

Born in the cloud, infinity22 set out to help people take control of their eCommerce accounting. As a leading online accountant in Australia, hundreds of businesses rely on us to implement the best business strategies, minimise tax & compliance, and create a healthy finance function using state of the art technology.

Many online businesses are paying too much in tax or losing money on mismanaged finances. With our expertise, we can see to the heart of the issue. Our team use cutting-edge technologies and modern industry strategies to help eCommerce businesses like yours thrive online, whether that’s by increasing cash flow, operating more efficiently, or making more money overall.

infinity22 provides eCommerce business advisory services such as business planning, strategy implementation, valuations and due diligence. It’s our focus on partnerships and your business journey that sets us apart from our competitors and helps us achieve far more for you in the long run. Choose infinity22 and we will help your business scale to greater heights.

Why eCommerce Businesses need an eCommerce Accountant.

Accounting plays an important role in your eCommerce business. As a start-up or small e-commerce business or Amazon Seller, you may not have the money to hire a qualified and experienced full-time eCommerce accountant.

That’s where Infinity22 comes in.  Infinity 22 will:

Our Professional Services for

Ecommerce Business Owners

Running an eCommerce business is complex and requires skill, commitment and a good knowledge of regulations and legal procedures. Over the years we’ve seen businesses grow only to lose it all because of a bad financial and legal foundation. Our clients take advantage of our professional eCommerce accounting services to keep their operations on the safe side. Our team of experienced online accountants and business advisors can help you ensure a smooth unfolding of all processes and to maximize your profit. We offer a full range of accounting services covering everything your eCommerce business needs to succeed:

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Our Online

Accountant Services

If you’re simply looking for the best online accountant in Australia for your online or eCommerce business, infinity22 is for you.

The most successful eCommerce companies are those that make use of professional accounting services. With access to these services, you can leverage your existing data, gauge the success of your current operations more accurately, and develop a forward-thinking strategy that will allow you to remain competitive even as the market changes and becomes more saturated.

We do everything from basic accounting to helping you with payroll. Talk to our team today and we’ll create a custom online accounting solution tailored to your business.