How Cloud Accounting Revolutionise the Ecommerce Industry

Although the e-commerce industry is familiar with cloud accounting and cloud bookkeeping, many entrepreneurs still don’t feel safe about it. The fact that they are uploading confidential documents into the cloud is confronting for them. That’s where a company like Infinity22 can come to your rescue. We are an e-commerce business advisory agency with future-based accountants available at your service. From business planning to cloud accounting, we offer a wide range of services tailor-made to help your company grow.

We understand that cloud accounting may seem suspicious to you because you don’t see any accountant in front of you. But you need to understand that that’s the future of e-commerce accounting. With technological advancements, you don’t need to worry about the safety and security of your business documents when you work with us. We are, as everyone says, born in the cloud. This helps us safeguard our clients’ full privacy. Moreover, you will be surprised to know the many benefits of cloud accounting for e-commerce when you choose Infinity22.

1. Access anytime, anywhere

Cloud computing gives you the freedom to check your company’s account status from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to use a specific computer or laptop to access your data. We will provide you with a unique username and password once you hire us. You can use those details to upload your invoices and other documents we require to prepare your books of accounts.

With a desktop-based system, you need to rely on a local drive to store your accounting data. But when you hire us as your cloud accountants, we upload everything in the cloud. We believe that storing your data in a local drive limits your financial information. You can’t access it from anywhere you want. Our services will not only allow you to check your key financial figures from your computer but also your mobile phone and other devices.

2. Centralised data

Usually, you don’t create multiple copies of your accounting documents and store them on your computer. What if your computer crashes and you are left with no data of your previous accounting year? We don’t want that to happen. Infinity22 works on a centralised data system where we keep duplicate copies of all your documents. This helps us to retrieve any data that you may not find in your system. All you need to do is ask us for the document you need and you will get it within a few seconds.

3. App Ecosystem

With cloud accounting software, business has never been easier.  Now you can build your very own financial ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) by connecting the right apps to your cloud accounting software.  For instance if you have multiple stores on shopify and amazon, now you can connect to cloud accounting software such as Xero or QBO so that all your financial information is in the same place.  Here at infinity22 we strive to guide our clients on the best tools to benefit their online business the most.

4. Manage backups

Remember when you had to backup your accounting and business information?  Well now with apps such as Xero and QBO you don’t have worry about backing up your financial information as everything is kept online.  Not online that, all documents are kept in document storage software such as Microsoft Office365 and Dropbox.

5. Watertight security

We use military-level encryption to keep your accounts and records safe. Our team uses the latest version of anti-virus software to protect the virtual drives. Plus, we encrypt all the records we receive at source. This means no one can breach our systems and get hold of your documents. The only person who can access your files is you. And also the respective accountant who is in charge of preparing your books.

Infinity22 is a trusted name when it comes to cloud accounting. If you have an online business and want to hire a cloud accountant, you can rely on us. We promise to keep your data safe and provide timely and efficient accounting services.  If you are interested in a free strategy session please click the following link Book Meeting

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