How to Choose the Right E-Commerce & Amazon Accountant

An e-commerce accountant is an important asset for any amazon or online business. This is because, just like any other business, amazon businesses need to track their incomes and expenses. However, e-commerce accountants must be meet certain qualifications to manage the finances of online businesses. That said, the right e-commerce accountant should have an equal blend of technical and e-commerce experience.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Ecommerce Accountant


Before picking an accountant for an online business, it is important to make sure that they have all the relevant certificates. This is because accountants must be thoroughly trained and educated to be able to handle a business’ accounts. Secondly, the accountant must have the necessary licenses to practice in the country that the business operates. The chosen accountant must also be certified to use all the accounting software relevant to the business.

Choosing an accountant with the relevant qualifications eliminates any chances of errors in the accounting process. The financial statements of the business will also be more credible when prepared by a qualified accountant. Besides, banks and other lending institutions require that a business presents credible financial records to access loans for capital funding.


Since e-commerce and amazon businesses are different from other non-online businesses, the chosen accountant needs to have the relevant e-commerce experience. This means that the accountant must be able to analyze online transactions to come up with financial strategies that help the firm to grow. Additionally, the chosen accountant must have enough experience with all accounting software and platforms that the business uses.

Therefore, do not hesitate to enquire if the accountant has other clients who use similar software. This is because most amazon businesses use similar accounting software to track their financial transactions. Having an accountant who understands the amazon and e-commerce rules and ways of doing business will be greatly beneficial to the business in general.

Range of Services Offered

When choosing an e-commerce accountant, it is important to analyze the services they offer. Make sure that the accountant offers every accounting service needed by the business. Additionally, an accountant that offers services that may be needed in future is also a great pick. For example, if a business intends to hire many employees in the future, it is a great idea to hire an accountant who offers payroll services.

Some accounting firms like infinity 22 offer fully-fledged financial services which are quite beneficial for online businesses. Notably, an accountant should be more than just a calculator. They should be the trusted financial advisor to the business.

Customer Reviews

Recommendations is another factor to consider before hiring an accountant. Choose the accountant with the most positive customer reviews. Read what other customers are saying about the accountant online. Better still, it is always advisable to get recommendations from close business partners, people that can be trusted.

Budget Considerations

When hiring an accountant, it is important to choose one that the business can afford. There are many accountants in the market who charge different rates for their services. The secret is to choose the accountant with the fairest rates. This is because the goal of every business is to maximize revenue while minimizing expenses.

However, budget limitations should not interfere with the quality of accountant hired. That said, choose the accountant with the right package of services and that is still affordable. That way, the business gets value for its money.


Outsourcing accounting services means that the business owner and employees focus on other aspects of the business hence stimulating growth. This is why your business needs a competent accountant like Infinity 22 to take care of your finance and accountant needs. We offer reliable services at very affordable prices. Call us today and book a consultation with us!