How to Integrate Zapier Into Importing Invoices From eBay to Xero or QBO?


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Zapier, for one, is one of the online automation tools that connect thousands of web apps, such as eBay, QBO, Xero, Slack, Mailchimp, Gmail, and many more. It allows you to link multiple apps to automate various repetitive tasks. For example, importing invoices is one of the repetitive tasks that you can avoid by using Zapier. It can import invoices from eBay to Zero or QBO without requiring any additional coding. But this process is not as easy as it sounds. You will need professional assistance to walk you through this procedure.

Importing invoices from eBay

Imagine you get tons of attachments in your Gmail account. You save all these attachments in your Dropbox. Usually, you download the attachments and then save them to your Dropbox manually. This is a time-consuming process. But Zapier can automate everything by instructing Gmail to send the attachments directly to your Dropbox, thus saving your time and effort.

We can do the same thing with the invoices from eBay. It takes a lot of time to download invoices from eBay and transfer them to your preferred accounting software like Xero or QBO. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could automate this process so that the invoices from eBay got redirected to your accounting software so that you didn’t have to download them manually after every order? This can happen in a matter of minutes if you let us control Zapier on your behalf.

Without writing a single line of code, we will make sure that Zapier automatically sends the invoices to Xero or QBO instantly after every order. Here’s how we would integrate your Zapier account to connect these two apps.

1. Authenticate your eBay and Xero account

Zapier first needs to authenticate the eBay and Xero accounts. Once it establishes that you are the only user, it will move to create a connection between them.

2. Pick eBay as the trigger app

The next step is to select an app that will trigger the automation process. In this case, eBay should be the trigger app as it needs to send the invoices to Xero or QBO. In the Gmail example, it would have been Gmail as it would send the attachments directly to Dropbox.

3. Select a resulting action

Our next job is to link the trigger app with the output app. Here, you have to choose from Xero or QBO, depending on the software you use. This helps Zapier to create the link between your eBay and preferred accounting software account.

4. Select the type of data you want from the output app

This essentially means the items that you want to transfer from one app to the other using Zapier. In this example, we need to select invoices so that eBay can send them directly to your accounting software. Apart from invoices, you can also select order copy or payment confirmation copy so that they get redirected from eBay directly to Xero or QBO.

And that completes the process of integrating Zapier into importing invoices from eBay to your preferred accounting software.

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