Reasons Why Xero Is The Best Choice For eCommerce Businesses

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duct business dealing from there. However, selling online is easier said than done.

Running a business online is an already daunting task, and adding accounting into the mix doesn’t make things easier. Have you heard about Xero? This is a cloud-based accounting software meant to assist businesses to streamline operations and manage accounts. Xero is basically a simple accounting software that will help you stay on top of your financials while expanding the business at the same time.

Here’s why Xero is the best choice for eCommerce Businesses:

Tax Compliance

Doing business online doesn’t mean that you are exempt from taxes. It’s the vice versa actually since you’ll have to meet all the tax codes of the different states or countries you are selling your products and/or services. Sales taxes especially vary in a lot of places, which is why you need accounting software that’s running in real-time. Xero accounting software will ensure that your business dealings have met all the legal tax laws of different jurisdictions and possibly avoid jail time or a hefty fine when the IRS comes knocking. What’s more, Xero has a functionality that can submit returns on your stead to ensure you are compliant.


Every competent business owner is aware that time is precious and is equal to money. Outsourcing is an option, but it will end up costing you more than a business can turnaround. Xero will eliminate the middle-person as well as the time, money, and resources that could better be sent growing the business. It also removes the risk of data entry errors, constant spreadsheet updates, and keep everything relating to business financials in the cloud. This way, you can focus more on running the business.

Ease Of Use

The Xero software interface user-friendly and will save you time when navigating. There’s no need to watch online tutorials or go to courses since the functionalities are clearly laid out and will be easy to use regardless of accounting level experience. The menu isn’t complicated with drop-down lists; nearly everything can be found in one or two clicks.

Internationally Valid

Xero was designed to be the ultimate cloud accounting software for eCommerce businesses. The fact that it’s cloud-based means that it will be running in real-time and automated to keep up with changes in the accounts. Since you may be selling outside your continent of country, Xero makes managing multiple currencies as easy as doing normal transactions.

You can have every buyer or supplier set their currency as the default. The exchange rate is typically updated every hour, with footnotes created displaying financial statement rates. When the exchange rates alter, there will be an invoice showing if you have realized a loss or gain. From there, either the loss or gain will be added to your financial statement.

Xero has firmly entrenched itself as modern, cloud-based accounting software that leverages technology to make life a bit easy. It’s award-winning software that has assisted hundreds of thousands of business owners. So as a business owner, you should consider incorporating Xero accounting software in your business strategy. Xero outshines other accounting software by far. Given its cloud computing capabilities, it’s truly the smart choice for eCommerce businesses.