3 Reasons Why You Need An Ecommerce Accountant

Is your Ecommerce business finally making great sales however you are struggling to take a wage or profit distribution? Maybe your Amazon fulfilment business is making a profit, but your business is cash poor. Or finally your business is being successful, and you’ve got heaps of cash in the bank but you’ve been hit with […]

How to open a US Stripe Atlas Account for Non US Residents

For so long, e-commerce and entrepreneurs have had to compromise cutting off huge chunks from their earnings, just to keep up with their customers in the US. Moreover, are the digital nomads who have become so popular in today’s culture, those of whom make money from many online platforms, yet have to be paid primarily […]

Reasons Why Xero Is The Best Choice For eCommerce Businesses

duct business dealing from there. However, selling online is easier said than done. Running a business online is an already daunting task, and adding accounting into the mix doesn’t make things easier. Have you heard about Xero? This is a cloud-based accounting software meant to assist businesses to streamline operations and manage accounts. Xero is […]

How to Integrate Zapier Into Importing Invoices From eBay to Xero or QBO?

In an era where almost every entrepreneur is trying to start an online business, it is understandable why there is a high demand for services like value chain analysis, strategy implementation, domestic business planning, and international expansion planning. At Infinity22, we offer all these advisory services and also recommend web apps that will help in […]

6 Alternative Ecommerce Marketplaces to Amazon and eBay.

Amazon and eBay are the two names that spring to mind when talking about ecommerce marketplaces.They have a massive volume of both sellers and buyers, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to enter the world of ecommerce.But you’d be selling yourself short if you limit your selling platforms to these two. Expanding your horizons […]

What Are the Requirements to Pay US Sales Tax and Amazon FBA for Non-US Residents?

Most online sellers in the US find it difficult to understand the laws of the US sales tax. And it doesn’t get any easier for international sellers, either.But Infinity22 is here to explain the requirements for non-US residents to pay for Amazon FBA and US sales tax.We are an experienced eCommerce business advisory agency, helping […]

What Is A SMART KPI And Can It Help Your eCommerce Business Model?

It’s safe to assume that long-term growth and profitability are the goals of any new business. But how do you measure your progress towards a goal that lasts without end? You create or identify smaller goals that are actually achievable on a regular basis. The identification of these goals or metrics helps turn a vague […]