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If you’re running a small business online, you need to have your accounts and books in order. Just having a professional online small business accountant on the case can help you save hours of time and thousands of dollars. We set you up with tailored accounting solutions to help you build the business you always wanted to.

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Why Choose infinity22?

Infinity22 is more than just an online accountant. We’re your partner in accounting, working alongside you to provide the accounting support you need. From the start, we knew traditional accounting practices had to change to keep up with online businesses. It’s why we’ve arranged our services around the most important parts of running an online business. Our accounting services cover everything you need to manage your accounting, cash flow, budget, payroll, taxes and much more. We can keep your financials in order and up to date, and even provide strategic planning and business advice. With a team of traditional accountants as well as experienced online small business accountants, we’ve got all bases covered.

Take the Time and Stress Out of Accounting

Instead of spending hours entering data and sorting numbers, let infinity22 take care of everything. We can provide one-time accounting services to help you get up to speed, or work with you to manage your books month to month. With our team on-call, you can spend your time on the things that matter, like growing your business.

Talk to our team today about tailored online small business accounting solutions and we’ll show you what we can achieve for your business.

Get Set Up with Accounting Software for Small Business

Infinity22 makes it easy to get set up with the latest online accounting software. Our accountants can sort your books and get you set up with a comprehensive system, tailored to your needs. We work with all modern accounting services, including QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Wave and more. We can help you work out which one will best fit your needs and will support your business as your scale and grow. As an online business, using the best software is a central part of building a healthy, structured business. Talk to our team today for more information on this service.

Make Your Business More Profitable

Far too often we see small businesses burning money in areas they don’t have to. Our experienced accountants can help you understand how money flows through your business and identify areas you can improve to boost your bottom line. Fewer unnecessary expenditures, more tax returned, and better business processes are just some of the things we can help you with to build a better, healthier business.

Our Small Online Business Accounting Services

Our complete range of online accounting services covers everything you need to get your small online business’ financials in order. Our services include:

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Ready to take the plunge and build a better business? Choose infinity22 as your partner and accountant for online business and see the difference a team of experts can make for you! Book a consultation online today to get started.

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